Team BTEC Take A Break for Children's Mental Health Week

This afternoon our Post-16 classes were taken off timetable to simply have some fun!

Lincoln City Foundation prides itself on empowering and inspiring communities. Our community of Post-16 learners are no different, and whilst we recognise the importance of ongoing and uninterrupted education, we also see the importance of having some time to escape.

With Children’s Mental Health Week shining a spotlight on mental health in our youth, the Education Team decided to take the students off timetable on Thursday afternoon to give them time to just be themselves. The tutors set up games and activities to do virtually, including debating sessions, charades and the all-time great, Guess Who. Not only did this give the students a chance to escape the worries of the world, but the staff were also able to interact with students not usually in their class and everyone could have a change of virtual scenery.

The activities were welcomed by both staff and students. BTEC Tutor Danny reported

“It’s great getting to know students from other classes, due to covid and social distancing measures, all teachers have taught and had contact with one class, this was a great way to catch up with everyone”

Student Leah (Markham) said

“This was a great break from the norm, as much as I love lessons, this was a great way to break things up and make us feel better”

The students and teachers spent the whole afternoon having heated debates around topics such as; how effective is VAR to the game of football? Does Pineapple belong on pizza? And should you eat scones with jam or cream on first?!

Not only did the activities give the students a break from virtual study, but they also instilled some fantastic skills that can now be used in the classroom: justifying and debating key points will help the students achieve high grades in their assignments when study returns next week.

Education Manager Hanna said

“We look to deliver a holistic programme here at Lincoln City Foundation, and Children's Mental Health Week has enabled us to not only ensure our students are coping mentally, but also develop the skills they will need in later life. It was great to see the students laughing and joking as well as developing as fantastic human beings against a backdrop of turmoil in the world”

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