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Fighting Fit


Fighting Fit 5k is a group meet up held once a month, on the first Saturday of each month, at an identified local parkrun event. Those attending can walk, jog, run, or volunteer, and it is open to anyone living with and affected by cancer. The parkrun event remains organised by the core parkrun team and volunteers, with Fighting Fit 5k an agreed meeting place at the event and a network of support.

Fighting Fit 5k is facilitated by Fighting Fit Champions who advocate and promote physical activity for those living with cancer or affected by cancer in their community. Fighting Fit Champions lead the Fighting Fit 5k group once a month at an identified local parkrun event, encouraging attendance, welcoming those on the day and supporting them to be part of the event – you will spot them wearing their branded tops and with the Fighting Fit flag!

Belton House parkrun 

Belton House

9am on the first Saturday of each month


Being physically active has multiple benefits for people living with cancer:


  • Reduce risk of cancer recurrence – being active during and after cancer treatment can reduce the risk of recurrence in some cancers. It can also reduce the risk of developing other long-term conditions.

  • Reduce side effects – being active during and after cancer treatment can reduce some side effects of cancer and cancer treatment. Side effects activity helps with include fatigue, depression, weight gain, blood clots, hot flushes, night sweats and nerve damage.

  • Prevent decline in physical ability – being active during cancer treatment can prevent a decline in physical ability without increasing fatigue levels.

  • Recover physical ability – being active after cancer treatment helps patients recover physical ability.

  • Maintain independence – in cases of advanced cancer physical activity can help patients maintain independence and well-being.

Winner of the Lincolnshire Sport and Physical Activity 'Impact on Health' award

How to take part

Parkrun, and therefore Fighting Fit 5k, is free to take part in, however please register for parkrun before attending a Fighting Fit 5k meet up:

Registering will give you a unique parkrun barcode so your time and position can be recorded each time you attend. Print out your barcode or add it to your smartphone and bring it with you each time you attend.

When you arrive at the designated Fighting Fit 5k parkrun event look out for the Fighting Fit 5k Champions – you will spot them wearing their branded tops and with the Fighting Fit flag. Our Champions will welcome you with a smile and can tell you more about the parkrun event.

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