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Happier | Healthier | Inspired Communities

Our Mission

Utilising the brand and reputation of Lincoln City Football Club, alongside leveraging our own potential and the influence of our key partners, we will - inspire, empower, and help individuals and communities to improve their physical, social, and mental wellbeing


Our Board and staff have shaped our values and behaviours. They are fully embedded in everything we do, providing a solid platform for our future success, development, and growth.


We are steadfast in our dedication to our community, partners, and participants


We will always be open, honest, transparent, and reliable


We will always support each other and foster lasting two-way relationships

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We will provide leadership, hope, and opportunity through innovation


We will always strive to provide a platform of opportunity for all

Our Behaviours

Our values shape our behaviour towards each other and influence our relationships. We will always strive to:



We will always treat everyone equally and without prejudice

Be Proud

We will lead by example, always striving for excellence, and taking pride in everything we do

Be Reflective

We will be agile, responsive, and always evaluate and review the quality of our provision

Be Passionate

We will bring energy, enthusiasm, and a hunger to make a difference and have impact

Be Adaptable

We will listen, be open-minded, and innovative to meet the needs of our communities

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