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Wednesday 7 - 8 pm
Saturday 9 - 10 am
LNER Stadium 3G | £3 | 07736 900343

Walking Football has captured many people’s attention because of the great camaraderie and the social aspects that come with playing the beautiful game. Our Women’s Walking Football Team welcome anyone who wants to start playing football or get back into playing at a slower pace - the only condition is that you can’t run!

The sessions are coach led and help develop each player by increasing their fitness and tactical awareness of the sport through drills, challenges and simply playing.

For football fans, the beautiful game is a gift for life.


Every Wednesday 7 - 8 pm and Saturday 9 - 10 am

on the 3G at the LNER Stadium, LN5 8LD.

Positively Impact your Mental Health With Sport

Even short bursts of regular exercise has a proven positive impact on mental health. Which is why joining us for Walkiing Football could be the first step for better mental health for you. Here are just a few ways in which sport and physical activity can positively impact your mental health.

  • Improve your mood: exercise releases feel-good hormones, which tell your brain to improve your mood. Recent studies showed that people who categorised themselves as feeling low noted a significant improvement in mood after they undertook physical activity.

  • Reduce stress: people who partake in regular physical activity often have lower stress levels.

  • Increase self esteem: Exercise can often help you to feel better about yourself.

  • Tackle depression and anxiety: GPs often prescribe regular exercise as part of a mental health programme to help sufferers of depression and anxiety. Taking part in regular activity and sport empowers individuals to self manage their recovery.

  • Sleep better: physical activity will help to tire you out during the day and therefore help you to get a better night's sleep.

  • Connect with new people: Sporting activities provide the opportunity to connect with like-minded new people, without the pressure of finding a common ground. 

We welcome anyone over the age of 18 who wants to play.

Please fill in the form below to register an interest in joining our team.

Sessions can be booked online via the buttons below or you can simply turn up on the day.

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