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Why sign up to do NCS?

NCS is a programme designed for 15-17-year olds that takes young people out of their comfort zones and will give individuals an idea about what they want from their future. NCS gives young people the opportunity to meet new people and face challenges that will give them a taste of independence. They will learn new skills which will help them to smash their dreams and allow their voices to be heard.

When does NCS take place?

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Be epic 

During Phase 1 you will spend five days and four nights living away from home, this is your chance to challenge yourself and support your team completing adventurous activities such as, abseiling, archery, rock climbing, raft building and problem solving. You will be staying at an outdoor activity centre where accommodation, food and drinks are included. 


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During Phase 2 you will be away on your final residential increasing your skill set and confidence to become the best version of yourself. The best workshops and activities will be planned to develop your life skills even further. You will be taking part in sessions such as a social enterprise challenge, cooking, community exploration and political engagement. Each day will end in team activities such as mini-Olympics and a quiz.

You will be staying at University Halls or Residence to immerse yourself within an independent student lifestyle.


During Phase 3 you will have the opportunity to do something positive within your local community. You may be raising awareness, volunteering and fundraising for an important cause. This part of the programme is led by YOU with a small amount of guidance coming from our staff team. This week provides you with an opportunity to make an impact and show off all the skills you have developed throughout the past two weeks.

Finally, it will be time to celebrate all your efforts during NCS and the positive impact that you have made during your social action project. We want to reward you with a graduation ceremony that you will never forget! We will organise this event to allow you to re-connect with your wave and celebrate with all the friends you have made on NCS.


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