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Fighting Fit testimonials

Members of Lincoln City Foundation’s Fighting Fit programme have detailed what the scheme has done for them, and how it has helped them cope with the challenges of living with cancer.

Susan said: “I love our Fighting Fit sessions. They are fun, and are brilliant for us physically and emotionally.

“Our instructor, Phill Watson is incredibly motivational and the exercises are devised so that you feel able to push yourself just that bit harder. You always feel he has time to listen and genuinely cares about each and every one of us.”

John said: “Attending Fighting Fit helped me to recover from surgery, to manage side effects from my treatment, and has given me back a sense of well-being.

“I’ve also found emotional support from a group of fantastic new friends which has rebuilt my mental health.”

Julie said: “I joined Phill and his team at Fighting Fit at Yarborough Leisure Centre eight weeks after major surgery.

“Not only did the class help me regain my pre surgery fitness, but the whole team are an inspiration with fun and fitness at the fore!”

Joe said: "After being diagnosed with prostate cancer and undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy, I felt that it was important for me to try and get fit to fight cancer.

"When I joined Fighting Fit it not only gave me an opportunity to get fit but also to meet a great group of people who were undergoing treatments of various kinds."

Roger said: “Since starting Fighting Fit, I have seen a huge improvement in my fitness, strength, stamina and mental health.

“I have had the pleasure of getting to know more people in a similar situation to myself which has helped me realise I’m not alone in living with this condition.”

Kerry said: “I cannot express how Fighting Fit has helped me.

“I truly believe that my experience living with cancer would be totally different without this.”

Fighting Fit has been nominated as a finalist in the Impact on Health award at the upcoming Lincolnshire Sport and Physical Activity Awards 2023.

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