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Lincoln City Foundation is a small charity working with our local community to have a positive impact. Our Inspiring Lives Appeal focuses on funding our disability programmes with aims to provide vulnerable children and adults with access to programmes that will improve their social, mental and physical wellbeing. 

Our charity currently supports DS Active to deliver a football programme to participants with Downs Syndrome. Our DS Active team competes nationally and provides a safe and friendly environment to make new friends, exercise and improve skills.

With more funding, we would like to develop more programmes aimed at benefitting participants with autism. Buddy schemes, Autism-friendly environments and activities are just some of the programmes we would like to launch this year.


As a small charity, we can guarantee that your donation will make a big difference to the people that need it the most. Together, with your support, we can reach even more people and make a real change in the community that we all love.


Nominate Lincoln City Foundation as your Charity of the Year.

Select The Lincoln City Foundation as your charity of the year and fund-raise for us all year round. Hold bake sales, dress down Fridays or donate a percentage of your profits to us.

Fundraising as team can help build important teamwork relationships across your company. As you all work together to achieve something amazing for your local community. 


In return we will shout about your achievements in our monthly newsletter and on our social channels. As a small local charity we can take the time to build a better and stronger relationship with our fundraisers to help to motivate you towards your fundraising goal. Sharing tips and connecting you to the projects you are helping to fund.

Positively impact the

lives of our community

with our sponsorship


We have lots of different sponsorship opportunities for our events and programmes to suit a range of budgets.

Your sponsorship will help us to put on big community events with little cost to the foundation, allowing us to raise more money for the projects that will really make an impact to those that need it.

In return your company will feature on all our event/project marketing material, allowing you to reach a new and bigger audience. Press releases and good news stories will be released celebrating our work together and a whole host of other benefits will be made available to you as a result of supporting Lincoln City Foundation.


Can you host a part of Poachers Journey?

You could have a little Poacher on your reception desk collecting donations!

Our mini poacher has his bags packed ready to tour the local businesses. Just like the classroom bear, Poacher wants to go out into the world and have some fun in your office. 

Poacher will come to you for 1 month while you do your best to fill his money box with fun fundraising activities. Don't forget to share all the fun things Poacher is getting up to in your office on your social media channels with the #PoachersJourney

After your month is up simply pass him onto another business and send us the money you raised, so we can tell you how amazing you are!

For More Information or to come on board as a Corporate Supporter get in touch today:    |    01522 563792
Visit Lincoln City Official Website    |    01522 563792 

 Lincoln City Foundation LNER Stadium Lincoln LN5 8LD

Registered Charity Number: 1128464

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