Walking Cricket


Taster Session
Date: 31st September | 7th October 
Venue: LNER Stadium, Sincil Bank, Lincoln, LN5 8LD
Time: 17:00
Cost: FREE
All abilities welcome!

The Foundation has been working with Lincs Cricket on our mental health-focused Team Talk project and are now setting off on a new adventure to bring Walking Cricket to Lincolnshire. Walking Cricket usually involves teams of six to eight players (three or four pairs) and EVERYTHING is walking, including the “runs”, chasing the ball while fielding and a match lasts about 2 hours.

Walking Cricket is the sport you love, just played at a slower, more leisurely pace. It is perfect for those who are older, less physically able but still enjoy the social side and thrill of the game.

As restrictions lift, we hope to embrace the cricket culture, enjoying lunch and drinks after the session. This session will form part of our Extra Time Hub which is targeted towards those who are semi-retired and retired and empowers them to be more physically active. For more information about other activities available for Extra Time Hub members check out the page here

If you want to join this initiative movement and enjoy England’s national summer sport at a pace that suits you don’t hesitate to get in touch using the form below.

Positively Impact your Mental Health With Sport

Even short bursts of regular exercise has a proven positive impact on mental health. Which is why joining us for Walking Football could be the first step for better mental health for you. Here are just a few ways in which sport and physical activity can positively impact your mental health.

  • Improve your Mood: Exercise releases feel-good hormones, which tell your brain to improve your mood. Recent studies showed that people who categorised themselves as feeling low noted a significant improvement in mood after they undertook physical activity.

  • Reduce Stress: People who partake in regular physical activity often have lower stress levels.

  • Increase Self Esteem: Exercise can often help you to feel better about yourself.

  • Tackle Depression and Anxiety: GP's often prescribe regular exercise as part of a Mental Health programme to help sufferers of Depression and Anxiety. Taking part in regular activity and sport empowers individuals to self manage their recovery.

  • Sleep Better: Physical Activity will help to tire you out during the day and therefore help you to get a better nights sleep.

  • Connect with new people: Sporting activities provide the opportunity to connect with like-minded new people, without the pressure of finding a common ground. 

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