Rethink Food

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Lincoln City Foundation are partnering up with Rethink Food to launch a fantastic initiative for our local primary schools – The RETHINK FOOD FUTURES  programme.

Rethink Food futures is an alternative method of food production, and at the heart of our food programme is a Tower Garden which enables schools, organisations, and businesses to grow food year-round.

The Rethink Food futures Tower Garden is used to help teach UN Sustainable Development Goals alongside a growing programme. It increases yields by as much as 30% and triples the speed of growth, while using only 10% of the water and space. The grow lights on the tower garden allow you to grow plants indoors all year long. There’s less hassle and clean up because it doesn’t use soil. You can wheel the tower garden from the classroom to the playground, or the kitchen to the dining room.

By Rethinking food we can:

  •  Introduce an alternative method of food production

  •  Encourage people to eat more fresh food improving health & wellbeing

  •  Teach the UN Sustainable Development Goals alongside a growing programme.

According to the Food Foundation, over half of adults are overweight and obese, 5% have diabetes and one-third of 5-year olds have tooth decay and rates are still increasing. They also note that the poorest 10% of households only purchase 3.2 portions of fruit and vegetables per day and that highly processed foods which can be damaging to health make up over half the diet of typical families.

However, research by Ohio State University found that children who grow their own veg are 5 times more likely to eat them, and Children are more likely to eat vegetables if they see others doing the same. That is why our Rethink Food futures programme is so important.

We will be working with 17 partner schools, who will each receive a food growing tower. We are looking for businesses to sponsor each tower as part of this project to work with Lincoln City Foundation.