Walking Football: Why is it so popular?

Walking football has grown in popularity over the past few years with clubs starting up all over the country. It is now estimated that 40,000 people are playing every week. In a recent BBC Sport article, walking football has been acknowledged for improving health and combatting loneliness and for some players it’s been a lifeline in their darkest moments.

This unique sport has captured many people’s attention because of the great comradery, the social aspects that come with playing the beautiful game and a sense of personal reward and achievement. The health benefits such as increased strength, stability and stamina is an added bonus. No running brings everyone down to a level playing field no matter your age or ability you can play.

Kirsten Parslow our Health and Inclusion Officer says “ Players really get involved and its more difficult not to run than you think, its a real workout. Players can take so much away from the session whether its improved fitness levels, a group of new friends or the fact they have scored a goal for the first time in 20 years. The guys are great and no matter how the game goes are supportive of each other."

This video from the Walking Football Association website really sums up what walking football could do for you.


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