Sincil Community Land Trust takes steps towards local regeneration

Sincil Community Land Trust have been taking significant steps towards their aim of regenerating homes within the Sincil Bank area of Lincoln.

Since the groups’ formation in 2018, the Foundation’s Community Organising team have been supporting the group, which is currently formed of residents, local councillors and representatives. The group was established following a series consultation events in the Sincil Bank area which identified a common concern about the number of empty homes in the neighbourhood. The group’s aim is to purchase these empty properties, regenerate them and provide good quality, affordable housing for local people.

Since coming together, the group has shown incredible commitment to making the project happen, meeting regularly to explore their idea further. This has led to the group registering with the Financial Services Authority under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 and applying for Homes England grant funding to explore the purchase of empty homes and the work needed to turn them into good quality housing.

Sincil Community Land Trust successfully gained grant funding from Homes England, which in recent months has enabled the group to access support from East Midlands Community Led Housing to undertaken capacity building training and to instruct surveyors to assess several empty properties in the area. The group are now in the position where they can begin to think about the steps needed to acquire these properties.

As part of its remit to improve and regenerate the area, the Sincil Community Land Trust has also become involved in a Pocket Park scheme after gaining funding from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government. Sincil Community Land Trust has successfully used these funds to take out a lease from the City of Lincoln Council on a former children’s playground to bring it back to public use as a green space for the community.

Alice Carter, Senior Community Organiser at Lincoln City Foundation said “Sincil Community Land Trust is an extremely exciting project for the Sincil Bank area and something which will have long lasting impact on the community.”

“The group has developed significantly over the past two years and their commitment to addressing a clear need in the neighbourhood has been very rewarding to be a part of.”

Sincil Community Land Trust is non-profit making by law, has an agreed set of rules and is run by a board elected by share-holding members. Any residents of the Sincil Bank area can become a member, along with anyone with local connections to the neighbourhood through work or other activities.

Sincil Community Land Trust are currently looking for more members to assist with regeneration projects in the Sincil Bank area - if you are interested in membership or would like to learn more about the group please contact Alice Carter on

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