LCF go above and beyond to deliver an outstanding education!

Lincoln City Foundation prides itself on being professional, community centred and providing an outstanding service no matter what the obstacles are. We are proud to say that this ethos drove our Further & Higher Education team to go above and beyond to continue to deliver outstanding lessons throughout self-isolation.

Self-isolation, though extremely necessary, has come with its challenges for many businesses, charities and groups across the world, as they are forced to adapt to a new way of working in order to stay afloat. Education establishments, although many remaining open to the children of key workers, were left with an impossible task. Secondary schools, Colleges and Universities all needed to make some quick changes to adapt their syllabus so that students could continue their learning and, in some cases, finish their qualifications that they had been working towards for up to 3 years.

Lincoln City Foundation was in the same situation, with many students in their BTEC and Degree Programmes now needing to finish their course from home. With many establishments forced to assess students on mock results, our team were determined to try and keep not only the learning continuous but also the engagement and drive from the students to give them the chance of attaining their best possible grade.

Hanna Storey, Education Manager at Lincoln City Foundation tells us more,

“I’m proud to say when we heard the self-isolation guidance was coming into place, my Education team were ahead of the curve and already researching ways to keep student learning with as little disruption as possible. As a result, when the call came to close schools, our team was ready to hit the ground running and in true community spirit, we all pulled together, staff, parents and students, to make learning happen.

As a result, we have successfully completed mock interviews and continued to deliver lessons via an online platform, the evidence from which contributes to the students overall grades. We have been able to share our own work as well as collaborate on students work via innovative screen sharing techniques. As a smaller education establishment, we have been able to go further than most colleges and universities by continuing to engage our students with virtual face to face lessons to ensure their learning is not disrupted and they continue to receive the individual learning experience we pride ourselves on.
However, it’s not been all work and no play, as we understand the social side of education is a key part in every students learning and wellbeing. We have also introduced online quizzes and challenges to have fun and ensure not only the academic side of our job is done well, but also that we are looking after our students mental wellbeing too!
We would like to say a huge well done and a virtual round of applause to all our students, staff and parents who have supported each other and made the transition to virtual learning so quickly and seamlessly. Thank you"

Our Further & Higher Education Team have also prioritised keeping the line of communication open to the student's parents as well. Ensuring that they were up to date in everything being done, so that they could support their children at home as well.

“In such uncertain times, it’s been very reassuring to have the support of the tutors. Putting a new way of working into place and making yourselves so available has been invaluable in keeping the students able to work.” – Lisa Simpson
“It’s been a tough couple of weeks and adjusting to sudden change Rhys has always struggled with, it’s lovely to read that he’s finding his way to adjusting to these changes to create positive outcomes.” – Tracey Flemming

We are continuing to develop our online programme through this ever-changing time, so watch this space for students and staff collaborating on “Watch Parties” and online fitness videos!

It’s not too late! If you haven’t yet settled on your decision on where to study next year, we are still taking applications to join the Lincoln City Foundation cohort.

To find out more about our BTEC and Degree programmes, or to apply to join us next year click here

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