Christmas 2019 – ‘Extravaganza’ Holiday Club

Updated: Feb 15

What a fantastic end to the year! Similarly, to our October Half-Term Holiday Club, our Christmas ‘Extravaganza’ Holiday Club contained special guest visitors and football/multi-sport activities. We hope those who attended went home with massive smiles on their faces and shared exciting stories of their time with us!

The three-day event started on Friday the 20th of December with football and multi-sport activities, some inside due to our delightful British weather. The afternoon included a mystery stadium tour where the children had to figure out the clues as to where to go next in the stadium. They had access to all areas and got to see the team changing rooms and a superb view of the ground.

A Lincoln City Foundation highlight for most of the children that attended was their early Christmas present of many special guest appearances from our first team players. The players signed autograph sheets, player shirts any anything that the children could get their hands on! The players also joined in activities with the children, with favourites being the ‘Lincoln City FC Sing Off’ and the ‘Guess the FIFA Stats’. You may have seen some of these on our various social media platforms, if not take a look here.

We would like to thank the players for their involvement in this fantastic event, hopefully these were memories the children will cherish for a lifetime.

Looking to the future, we aim to continue to host fun and inclusive holiday clubs. We hope all existing children continue to attend and other children who may have previously attended or have attended before can come along and enjoy. A significant part of the day will be football, which will always be age appropriate and with the enjoyment of the children of most importance. However, we also will be delivering multi-sport at our holiday clubs, such as dodge ball, cricket, basketball etc. Multi-sports are an aspect that we thought would be of great value to include as everyone will be able to access many sports that they enjoy and are passionate about.

Thank you for all our attendees, look out for information about our February Holiday Clubs over the next few weeks.

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