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Football Training

The Lincoln City Women's Academy aims to prepare players for life in an adult first team setting. Academy players will be enrolled in a bespoke National Football Youth League games programme, where they will represent Lincoln City. This will provide the opportunity to develop player experience and skills within an approved football governing body league.  


To provide players with the best opportunity to succeed, football coaching will be incorporated into the timetable, whilst complimenting the education and games programme demands. The coaching programme will be a mixture of practical and classroom-based training, to ensure we provide the full holistic approach to our football development offer. 

Performance Reviews

Every Academy Player’s performance will be reviewed regularly. A performance review assesses a players’ development against targets set at previous performance reviews. It identifies the need for individual coaching, all-around athletic development, and educational support, and it sets new performance targets. Each review will be recorded on a performance development plan. Performance reviews will be conducted by a multidisciplinary team that includes the Head Coach and the Education Manager. The player will be provided with details of each review and LCF staff will discuss future targets. As an academy, we will also hold parents’ evenings at least twice each season to discuss recent performance reviews in detail with parents and guardians. 

Added Benefits

We want to provide players of the Lincoln City Women's Academy the same added benefits received by students within their mainstream BTEC community program, therefore, academy players will have access to the following: 

  • Work experience opportunities within Lincoln City Foundation community programs. 

  • Subsidised FA Level 1 Coaching Qualification 

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