Welcome to the first Lincoln City Half Marathon, being delivered in partnership with Curly’s Athletes.

We can't wait to see you take your place at the start line on 20th September 2020!


The Lincoln City Half Marathon aims to encompass many of the great areas of our city, bringing together our historic north and the diverse, under celebrated south of the city.

Our city centre focused route is going to show off some beautiful green spaces, recognised landmarks, riverside culture and hidden residential streets full of fantastic communities. 

 Crossing the finish line is a vibrant celebration complete Lincolnshire hospitality and of course your very own well earned medal! 



Taking care of our runners safety and making sure everyone has a great experience is core to our event. 

Helping get you to the start line whenever we can with advice and encouragement. 

The supportive ethos continues out to our volunteers, spectators, clubs and communities


We want to make sure everyone can get involved. 

Doing everything we can to make sure everyone that wants to take part, can safely do so. 

We do understand that a half marathon may not be for everyone but we will be using the event as a catalyst for other activities, helping to inspire lives in the community.


Fun, colourful and joyful! We will be painting the town red (and white) and creating an exciting environment for runners, spectators and volunteers!


A road race that has ambition to grow and evolve, becoming a key fixture each year in Lincolnshire’s event calendar

sponsorship opportunities

We are looking for businesses to help us with this event, though commercial sponsorship or indirect support.

To find out more please contact:

how to run for us

Gather your team and pledge a fundraising target! Support us to inspire further lives in the community. 

Sponsorship pack and more information coming soon, but feel free to get in touch to find out more.

register your interest

Register your interest and make sure you get up to date information to reserve your place in the race! 


 Please visit

to join the waiting list.

come join us

20th September 2020
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