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Lincoln City Foundation are committed to ensuring the safety of both their participants and their staff. As such, they will consistently seek out new guidance and regulations to ensure that these measures are updated and continue to reflect the most up to date guidance release from our government and governing bodies.

Following the UK Covid-19 outbreak in 2020, organisations are required to assess themselves as Covid-Secure to enable operations to resume and join the effort to prevent or cease the risk of infection of diseases with a high “R”(reproductivity) rate. Lincoln City Foundation are aware that many of their participants are the most vulnerable in society due to underlying health conditions or the contact they may have with other at-risk groups.



Social distancing: where social distancing restrictions are in place, safe/advised distances and practices will be followed and appropriate guidance will be offered to visitors, to participants, and to their families, in advance (where possible) and at the event/session/location.


Payments: cash handling will be reduced and avoided where possible. Online alternatives will be offered, or contactless card transactions made available.


Personal Hygiene: regular hand washing will be encouraged or scheduled at the start, during and at the end of each delivery session or event. Advised methods on handwashing and personal hygiene will be displayed across sites and offices and staff working on external sites will work with those facilities to ensure this is followed at those locations. Hand sanitizer stations will be located in places where handwashing may not be possible, such as office entrances, classrooms and meeting room spaces.


Safe Systems of Work


Movement: non-essential travel and vehicle sharing will be avoided. Where travel is necessary employees will be provided with current guidelines on how to stay safe. Where is it not possible to avoid large gatherings, face coverings will be provided where necessary/advised and one-way systems and occupancy limits will be put in place.


Track and trace: employees must ensure their calendars and work diaries are kept up to date and they sign in as a visitor when visiting external facilities. If required, the organisation will explore mobile applications that act as a ‘track and trace’ method.


Self-shielding: employees experiencing symptoms of the infection, or someone in the household is experiencing symptoms, they should not attend work and should isolate for the period of time as advised at that time by public health/UK government. Employees experiencing symptoms will be provided with information on testing and self-isolation.


Work processes: activities will be planned with reduced numbers of participants in line with government advice. Staggered start and end times and the use of certain equipment will be considered. Roles and activities may be planned in such a way to keep staff separate or within smaller team dynamics (“bubbles”)and a limited number of staff will be permitted in certain areas, such as kitchen spaces or reception areas.


Equipment: sharing of equipment will be avoided or kept to a minimum in line with government advice at that time. Equipment that is shared or passed between participants and staff will be washed between sessions.


PPE: the need for items of PPE will be established using government guidelines which is industry or activity-specific and will be identified as part of a risk assessment process. If required, PPE training will be provided to those staff that need it. In cases, it may be necessary for vulnerable participants to be provided with items such as face coverings and /or gloves. The use of PPE by staff and/or participants will be identified to safeguard all involved, to help manage any anxiety or improve confidence and will be discussed with line managers.


Risk Assessment: risk assessments will be completed and reviewed regularly and infectious related risks will be identified and the measures in this policy considered.


Remote working/meetings during a period of emergency/lockdown: meetings, training and possible delivery will be conducted online through virtual platforms or telephone. In instances where physical meetings cannot be avoided, measures from with this policy will be followed, such as effective social distancing.


Post/deliveries: staff may need to come into contact with delivery drivers or mail persons and collect items, letters, or parcels and on occasion sign for them. Both parties will be asked to follow government guidelines with measures such as social distancing and transferring of post from person to person will be avoided and alternative electronic “signing” for.


Cleaning and waste disposal: regular touchpoints, such as door handles, rails, access buttons and telephones will be cleaned at least once per day with products in line with COSH training. Cleaning schedules will be used to support and evidence cleaning practices. Staff will be advised on ways to reduce sharing of tools, utensils and equipment. Staff must wash their hands when they have handled waste or undertaken cleaning duties. Waste should be disposed of in line with a Lincoln City approved contractor/collector.


Premises Management: policies, procedures and relevant information will be available to staff and partners, and where appropriate, participants and displayed where necessary in public spaces. Updates and policy changes will be approved by the Trustee lead for Health and Safety and communicated at the earliest opportunity. A clear reporting platform will be promoted and monitored regularly. Information published through HSE will be monitored and implemented where required.


Refreshments/food preparation: participants will be asked to bring their own refreshments and snacks in sealed packaging that can be opened by the participant and, in most cases, litter will be returned home from lunches or breaks. Visitors attending meetings or events will be invited to make their own drinks at a catering station or designated kitchen facility, and where possible, will do so in disposable/single-use cups. Catering and food preparation will be avoided, but where necessary, will be done by a limited number of trained individuals only, provided with the appropriate PPE (gloves, masks) and in areas which have been risk assessed in line with this policy.


Underlying health conditions: staff or participants with underlying health conditions that are identified as at significant risk of contracting or spreading an infectious disease will be provided to guidance on how to safeguard themselves and others. Staff must disclose information on health conditions at the earliest opportunity and should provide information received from authorities and health professional if additional measures are required to safeguard them or they are required to self-isolate.

July 2020

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